Rebuilding After Harvey

We started our Chirp For A Cause program at the same time we founded the business. We didn’t want it to be something we only did if we were successful. We wanted it to be part of our ethos and an integral part of company culture. But we never dreamed of the significant personal impact the program would have on each of us, as well as those we support.  

After Hurricane Harvey devastated our neighbors in Houston, we knew we had to do something and unanimously decided to donate Chirp For A Cause funds to the relief effort. It’s been a long time now since media attention has shifted away, but receiving this note from the Chavez family reminded us that it will be months and maybe years before homes – and entire lives – are fully rebuilt.

A special thank you to the Chavez Family for sharing their story and allowing us to be a part of it.

I first off want to say how grateful my family and I are to the Chirp Research Team for all that was done to assist us after Hurricane Harvey.  My family was impacted in such a way that we could not have imagined. From losing all of our personal belongings to being displaced from our home for months.  

Shannon and Paige assisted with helping us dry our home from 400 miles away!  The organization purchased three dehumidifiers to be used immediately after the water receded and once the home was mediated. After our use of the dehumidifiers, there were at least four more families that put the equipment to great use to help dry their homes.  

Shannon and Paige were sympathetic to our situation and empathetic to financial obligations that come in the aftermath. The Chirp Research organization assisted our family with covering our children’s tuition payments for installments due which lifted a huge financial worry as I had lost my job and income to provide for my family due to the storm.  

As we fast forward six months after the storm, the silver lining in our situation is knowing there are unbelievable people and organizations such as Chirp Research that not only rise to the occasion, but also create evergreen situations for families such as mine to pay it forward for other families in need.  

Since the storm, my family has moved back into the home and we continue to rebuild and bring back normalcy to our family. We are forever grateful for the help provided and all of the support from our friends at Chirp Research.

– The Chavez Family

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