Adding To The Flock – The Chirp Way

The Chirp team has some exciting news – we just welcomed our first baby into the nest! And his  entrance into the world was a wild ride from start to finish. Our Senior Qualitative Analyst, Lizzie, was traveling and conducting research for one of our largest clients while 34 weeks pregnant. On her way home, her flight was rerouted and then delayed, and her water broke just two hours after landing! Baby William decided to make his appearance 6 weeks early.

From the moment Lizzie announced she was pregnant, I knew it was an opportunity to demonstrate a major value we hold as an organization – something that’s built into the ethos of our brand: we value people over profit.

The reality is that the qualitative research industry attracts a lot of females, is extremely demanding, and requires a lot of travel. That’s just the nature of the job. And sadly, many women I know feel they can’t integrate their careers with their families and are ultimately forced to choose one or the other. Our environment here at Chirp ensures that we don’t have to choose.

We don’t want to lose great employees who are passionate about what they do just because they decide to have a family. We want them to thrive in all the roles they take on. We love families and kids, and we always want our company culture to reflect that.

Our team has intentionally taken steps to make Chirp a life-friendly company using some unconventional methods. We’ve created space for all of our team members to fulfill their work responsibilities with excellence and grow in their careers without missing out on the moments that matter most in their home life.

We feel fortunate to love our work and consider it a privilege to help our clients. We are equally blessed to take on the titles of Parent, Spouse, Friend, and more. It’s not always easy, but we think it’s more than worth it.

–Shannon Marrs, Chief Client Advocate