Why Chirp? International Qualitative!

International Qual

In our Why Chirp? series, we’ll explore some of the qualitative, quantitative, and innovation methodologies we offer and how multi-phase, mixed-methodology research forwards our clients’ objectives. This month, we’re talking international qualitative work with Lizzie Shephard, Director of Qualitative Research and Blair Jackson, Senior Qualitative Analyst.

What types of international work has the qualitative team done?

It’s important to know that both our qualitative and quantitative teams conduct international research and have done so in 20+ countries and counting. Qualitatively speaking, we have gone into people’s homes for in-home ethnographies and conducted focus groups in countries such as Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Egypt, Italy, China, and many more.

What usually prompts an international study? 

In some ways, international research is a lot like any other domestic research we do. Our clients have objectives they want to explore in their market, and their markets often expand beyond international borders. We have many clients who are located here in the US, but their consumers are all over the world so it would be short-sighted not to conduct research beyond the US. While insights, attitudes, and beliefs obviously have some similarities across countries and markets, there can be significant cultural variations as well.

What are the unique challenges of international qualitative work?

Language differences can present a challenge. With multiple languages being spoken, we can’t just Google Translate a screener or guide. It becomes about communication at a deeper level. Words have rich and nuanced meanings in different languages, so there has to be collaboration between all parties so what we put in front of consumers is meaningful and relevant to their lives and their reality. Additionally, going into people’s homes or conducting focus groups is a logistical art even in the US, so you magnify the complexity ten times when you are conducting research internationally. Different countries have different cultural norms, holidays, work hours, etc. that all need to be taken into account when developing a research plan internationally. We are thankful we have great international moderators who can be the experts in their home country. But because there are a lot more people involved in the process of multinational research process, we at Chirp need to serve not only as researchers but as project managers as well.  

What can clients expect during their project?

Clients can expect that international research will be conducted as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Our goal is to provide our clients with an experience that is almost indistinguishable from a domestic project.  Deliverables are also consistent with the domestic projects with Chirp ensuring that, despite the multiple countries, languages and moderators, all findings are brought together into a cohesive, strategic, highly visual report.

Why choose Chirp?

We love doing international research at Chirp! We use our experience in the complex field of international research to make our clients’ lives easier and the findings more strategic and actionable.  Because we carefully coordinate the process across languages, time zones, facilities, recruiters and moderators, we are able to carefully craft a deliverable that analyzes and takes into account multiple perspectives.  Chirp excels as the central touchpoint and hub that a client needs to develop international consumer insights and socialize them within their organization.

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