I’m With the Brand

At Chirp, we love the saying “All of life is a fight for clarity.” We even have it on our website. In the context of our work, we look at our clients’ brands and how their customers interact with them. We are always trying to clarify why people do what they do. It’s why we are in the research business in the first place – because we love figuring out the right questions to ask and uncovering the deeper reasons driving people’s behavior.

In 2017, our curiosity led to a primary research study we called “The Side Hustle.” We studied why and how people engage in the gig economy (i.e., Lyft drivers, freelance designers, et al.). The results were fascinating and you can see them here.

Recently, our team became curious about how the brands consumers interact and identify with impact and shape their identities. For example, why do people self appoint as an ambassador for certain brands? And we weren’t only interested in brands we buy, but also brands like sports teams, bands, universities, and more. We wanted to study everything from how identifying with a brand influences satisfaction to what causes brands to lose trust, and everything in between.

We employed a mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to address all the project objectives. The results are in and we can’t wait to share what we learned.

Briefly, here are a few findings:

  • 18% say that “the brands I use or choose to purchase from” are a part of their identity.

  • 88% say “I will go out of my way to pay more for a brand I really like.”

  • 43% are “very loyal” to the brands they interact with, meaning they’ll choose a brand they prefer over a competitor.

We’re calling the study, “I’m With the Brand,” and results from the study will be shared here on the blog starting early next year. We hope it enhances your learning, as it did ours.

As 2018 comes to a close, we are again filled with gratitude that we get to collaborate with such amazing clients and do what we love each day. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

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