A Season of Thanks

Shannon Marrs, Chirp’s Founder and Chief Client Advocate shares the blessings she is counting this year.

Shannon Marrs - A Season of Thanks

Thanksgiving week is always an important time to count my blessings, including my husband and three healthy kids. This year, I’m also filled with gratitude for Chirp Research.

Thankful for Chirp

First and foremost, I’m grateful that Chirp exists and that I get to go to work everyday doing something I love. The truth is, I had no idea what life would look like when we first launched the business in 2016. Out of curiosity, I recently looked back at my initial business plans and discovered that Chirp’s numbers are 50% higher than what we expected in year two. I thought I would have a few employees and a handful of clients, but we now have 10 team members and need to hire even more. As a bonus, the clients we get to serve and partner with make the work that much more meaningful and rewarding.

Thankful for Our Team

I am even more grateful for the incredible team who I get to work with day in and day out. They are passionate, driven, willing to jump in to do whatever is needed, and pour themselves into each and every project. I love seeing how they go beyond what is required because they are just as invested in the business, and how they have grown to care for and cover each other. When someone needs help, it’s not long before someone else is volunteering to lend a hand. They truly inspire me to do better every day and to keep learning.

Thankful to Give Back

Lastly, the fact that we as a company are able to give back is something I’m really proud of. We built the Chirp for a Cause program into our business from the start and have been able to support other organizations and individuals in their time of need. We have grown awareness and raised money in many ways, such as through survey incentives for worthy causes like Stomping Grounds, Dress for Success, and My Possibilities. We donated money to a family whose 6-year old is battling a malignant brain tumor. We sponsored the Bonton Harvest Fun Run benefiting Bonton Farms which helps marginalized and vulnerable people. We provided hotel stays for a business partner whose daughter was sick and had to travel out of town for an extended time for surgeries. Our involvement in these causes makes this work all the more fulfilling.

I am thankful for these past two years at Chirp, and I look forward to the many things we will do in the future. I wish you and your loved ones a holiday filled with thanksgiving and joy.

With gratitude,

Shannon Marrs

Founder & Chief Client Advocate