Chirp Research is Five!

In honor of our 5th Anniversary, the Chirp team got together and assembled a list of our top five favorite memories. Team trips, bucket lists and bonding experiences…this past five years has had it all. 
  1. At the very beginning, Chirp didn’t have a name or a logo.  After a series of lackluster suggestions, Paige came up with the name Chirp.  Shannon, who grew up with Paige on Sparrow’s Point and has always had an affinity for bird designs, loved it right away.  When you know, you know.

“Seeing our logo and ordering our first products with our logo and name was one of my favorite moments.  When something that started as an idea and scribbled on a piece of paper becomes reality, it’s amazing.”

Paige, Director of Operations

“Shannon’s kids have been involved in the adventure of starting Chirp Research from the beginning. They’ve been so excited about every project, every new hire, cheering us on the whole way. Cruz still had his baby voice and always called it “Chirps Researps” And now it continues with my kids. My William likes to say he works at Chirp Research too.”

Lizzie, Managing Director of Qualitative Research

2. Shannon and husband Michael had always dreamed that someday Chirp would be successful enough to take the company on a trip.  Our third anniversary trip to Sedona was a big milestone and an opportunity to meet spouses and grow together as a team.  As a surprise, Lizzie and Leslie arranged for us all to receive “Chirpies”, custom bird trophies inspired by The Office and their Dundies.

3. For those who were on the project, the Luck Reunion was a total bucket list experience.  Leading such a fun project with such fun clients and conducting research against a backdrop of amazing bands and Willie Nelson was a professional highlight.  

“My favorite memories are always when we have been able to see and do things I never dreamed because we work at Chirp. We saw Hamilton. Hiking and mountain biking in Sedona. Lizzie and I saw Florence and the Machine in the snow at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver . We’ve seen (and smelled!) Hershey, PA. I’ve spectated at the Boston Marathon. We’ve seen Willie Nelson perform at his ranch. Shannon and I have found our inner Rocky while running around Philadelphia. Experiencing new things with these people is my favorite.”

Leslie, Managing Director of Quantitative Research

4. Can anything top taking the team and several clients to see Hamilton at the peak of its popularity?  We may never know!  Celebrating Chirp’s success with clients, moving forward with confidence, and finally doing things on our own terms all came together that night in Chicago.

5. And of course, the time Lizzie almost had her baby on an airplane.  Shannon, Lizzie, and Blair were headed back to Dallas and flights were delayed.  Lizzie wasn’t due for 6 weeks and this was scheduled to be her last trip.  Instead of staying with Shannon and flying home to Birmingham in the morning, Lizzie decided to take the last seat on the last plane home.  The flight was scheduled to land at midnight.  By 6am Lizzie was FaceTiming Shannon, she had the baby right after she landed!

There are too many memorable moments to fit into five bullet points. Here are some honorable mentions…

  • Our one-year anniversary party
  • Lunch at Houston’s on Paige’s first day of work
  • First paycheck!
  • Countless dinners with clients and team members
  • Blair’s wedding
  • Partnering with Bonton Farms, Howdy Homemade, the Birthday Party Project, and all of our amazing charitable partners.
  • Bonding with new employees over Zoom during COVID when we weren’t able to meet face-to-face

“My favorite moment at Chirp so far was when we had our virtual Christmas party and I was finally able to see everyone on the team’s face for the first time. Such a weird concept to work so closely with people for 5 months and feel like you know them without having seen everyone’s faces.”

Alyssa, Quantitative Researcher

Cheers to another five years!

Love, the Chirp Team