The Chirp Flock: Spotlight on Birmingham

We’re talking with the Chirp team in six cities about what they think makes their city such a special place to live and work. Off we go to Birmingham, Alabama!

  1. Hometown Feel. There’s no shortage of southern hospitality in Birmingham. Offering the amenities of bigger cities like Nashville and Atlanta, Birmingham embraces its small-town feel.  In residential areas, frequent block parties and community events practically ensure you’ll get to know your neighbors.

When we go out, we always see someone we know, which I love.”

– Lizzie Shepherd, Managing Director of Qualitative Research

2. Railroad Park. Nicknamed “Birmingham’s Living Room,” it hosts local recreation, family activities, concerts, and cultural events right in the center of town on the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. With 19 acres of green space, Railroad Park offers family-friendly, 30-minute hikes and rambling hours-long treks, and everything in between.

I love how many state and local parks are close by. There is something for everyone!”

3. Regional Clients. Having a Chirp presence in smaller towns like Birmingham gives Chirp the opportunity to serve businesses that aren’t headquartered in major cities. Companies like Books-A-Million have long called Birmingham home, and larger companies like SHIPT and healthcare companies are looking at Birmingham for their corporate hubs.

4. Cookie Fix. This Homewood bake shop is turning the entire Chirp team into cookie fiends with their signature chocolate chip and healthy peanut butter cookies. Packed with premium ingredients and served warm alongside a glass of cold milk, they have over 60 varieties in rotation throughout the year. Another Chirp favorite is Highlands Bar & Grill – the first James Beard Award winner outside of NY, LA, San Francisco, and New Orleans!

I will always bring everyone I know to Cookie Fix as their first stop in Birmingham. Who doesn’t love warm gooey cookies?!”

5. Sofa to Gate in 30 Minutes. BHM is a breeze. Uncrowded security lines and gates, and lots of direct flights to major southeastern cities, make Birmingham travel days simple. For the road-trippers, Birmingham is central to Atlanta, Nashville, Chattanooga, New Orleans, Memphis, Pensacola, and more in just a few hours.

“I’m getting spoiled with everything being only 20 minutes away or less. I never drive further than that anymore!”

Friendly neighbors, stress-free travel, lots of green space, and amazing cookies? No wonder Birmingham is up and coming. Next up…Chicago!