The Chirp Flock: Spotlight on Denver

We’re talking with the Chirp team in six cities about what they think makes their city such a special place to live and work. Today we’re taking a look at Denver, Colorado!

  1. Mountain Time. It isn’t just a time zone, it’s a state of mind. Because Denver is on Mountain time, it’s easy to start working on Central or Eastern time and finish work well before 5. Getting outside while the day is young gives these happy campers great work/life integration. Hiking, biking, skiing, and climbing are all right outside your door.

After work, you can drive 20 minutes and be in the middle of a forest with no one around.”

– Leslie, Managing Director of Quantitative Research

2. Melting Pot. Denver has historically been a hub of industry and manufacturing. Over the past few decades, people and businesses drawn from the West Coast by the lower cost of living and amazing natural beauty have brought more tech and knowledge work to the area, creating a population “cross-section” that is unique to the U.S. In fact, companies from all over the country travel to Grand Junction, Colorado, to pilot test new products and services before committing to a nationwide launch.

“People are flooding into Denver – think Silicon Valley, but with a lower cost of living and higher quality of life.”

3. Red Rocks. Red Rocks…rocks! Denver’s iconic concert venue is carved right into the spot where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. At Red Rocks you can see a concert, explore the surrounding natural areas, and grab a drink with friends. Denver also has lots of unique co-work spaces and conference venues to help keep meetings and work sessions “out of the box.”

4. DEN. There are lots of conspiracy theories surrounding the Denver airport: underground tunnels and bunkers built by the Illuminati, sculptures that double as clues about the apocalypse, Reptoid lizard people, etc. Conspiracies aside, the Denver International Airport is rapidly expanding its travel offerings, adding lots of direct flights and creating an inviting outdoor space in B terminal to wait out those dreaded flight delays. Get there by car in 35-ish minutes and park on- or off-site, or take the train from downtown.

“I like that our airport is outside of the city center. The airport has a nice layout and  doesn’t stress me out as much as other airports.”

5. Brew Pubs and Food Trucks. While some cities tout their acclaimed restaurants, Denver is all about the microbreweries. New Terrain Brewing is a Chirp favorite but just one of the hundreds of small breweries that call Denver home. After all that great beer, check out the food trucks lining the streets downtown, then grab a Proper Half and Half at Crock Spot.

This beautiful and adventurous city gives Chirp a “Rocky Mountain High.” Next up, Washington D.C.!