The Chirp Flock: Spotlight on Dallas

The Chirp Flock calls seven cities throughout the country home. In the coming months, we will be talking with Chirp team members about their “nests” to learn what they think makes their city such a special place to live and work.

To kick us off, we’re starting with the Dallas Metro area!

  1. Business is Booming. Dallas has a ten-gallon hatful of corporate headquarters, and new companies, like Oracle, are moving to Dallas every year. Its prime location comes with a central time zone, which facilitates scheduling with both our East and West Coast clients. 

“I love that a lot of our clients are based here and many other clients travel to Dallas for research in this market.”

— Shannon, Chief Client Advocate

2. Tex-Mex. Need we say more? Dallas has amazing internationally acclaimed restaurants, but the Tex-Mex is not to be missed! The Chirp team recommends Chuy’s for great queso and Mi Cocina for their Mambo Taxi margaritas. The Hula Hut has a laid-back, waterside atmosphere where you can watch wakeboarders and enjoy the signature Shiner Bock fajitas.

3. The Hub of All Hubs. Dallas is blessed with not one, but two, airports. DFW and Love Field are both close and convenient for most residents. With tons of non-stop flights to so many destinations, it’s easy for our Dallas team to boot scoot just about anywhere in the country to field quick-turn projects and in-person reporting.

I can be almost anywhere in the country in about 3 hours. In a job where I sometimes field in 3 cities in a week, convenient and quick travel options are a life-saver.”

— Blair, Qualitative Analyst

4. The Star. Just north of the heart of Dallas is Frisco, home to The Star, a family-friendly indoor/outdoor space where kids of all ages can run and play. The Star also hosts major high school football events, international gymnastics competitions, and more! The sprawling campus includes lots of dining and shopping options, making it an all-day destination for the whole family.

5. All Four Seasons. Dallas offers long summers and a taste of fall, winter, and spring – sometimes serving up all four seasons in just a few days! It might not have tropical beaches, but the wide-open sky, ample warmth, and spectacular sunsets draw residents outside all year long. 

“My family likes to joke about the weather in Dallas. If you want to prepare for a week of Dallas weather all you need is an umbrella, some flip flops, a parka, sunscreen, rain boots, sunglasses, long underwear and a tank top.”

— Paige, Chief Operating Officer

Dallas is hard to beat, and this Lone Star city definitely gets a few gold stars from our Chirp team! Next up in our Chirp Flock series, we’ll talk about Chirp in Denver.