The Chirp Menagerie

One of the best parts of working remotely is the ability to spend more time with our pets. The Chirp Menagerie is the best group of fuzzy co-workers a team could wish for!

Ocho, CCA Squad

First up is Shannon’s sweet old girl Ocho. She’s a 16-year-old Vizsla. Vizsla’s are known for being great hunting dogs but Ocho’s first hunting trip was her last. When out hunting with Shannon’s husband Michael, she ran a mile back to the car and stayed there until he was done. These days she spends most of her time cuddled up by the fire in her cozy spot. Our favorite thing about Ocho is that she thinks she’s a proper lady. And now that she’s 16, a prim great-grandma.

Charlie, Quant Team

Leslie says the best thing about her Border Collie, Charlie, is his smile! Charlie is 11 years old and loves cats, cheese, going down slides, camping, and playing with rocks. One morning on a camping trip, Charlie just started barking, growling, and going crazy. When they looked out of the tent there was a moose just 30 feet away! Charlie was putting on quite the show of protecting them, but was more than willing to run back to the tent when they called him.

Maverick, Quant Team

This friendly guy is Alyssa’s pup, Maverick. Maverick is a 6-year-old “super mutt” whose DNA is part Chow Chow, American Pit Bull, German Shepherd, and Labrador. He’s a great road trip buddy who’s already visited 8 states. Alyssa’s favorite thing about Maverick is that he loves to cuddle! Grab a fuzzy or heated blanket and he’ll be curled up next to you in no time. He’s also been known to lay with his head on a pillow and be your little spoon. Swoon.

Teddy, Quant Team

Teddy is Macie’s 7-month-old puppy, a Miniature Australian Shepherd. Like Maverick, Teddy is a great traveler. He loves long car rides and has already flown six times and traveled to 4 states! Macie says that Teddy just makes every day better by being the most loving pup. Even after less than a year, it’s impossible to imagine life without Teddy. We all want a turn scratching those ears.

Thor and Loki, Innovators

At Jane’s house, cats are king. Actually, they’re gods. Thor and Loki are 5-year-old gray tabbies from the same litter. They’re so similar, in fact, that the family has to see them side by side to tell them apart! The best thing about these fuzzy buddies is their calm purring, endless cuddles, and constant comforting presence. Jane says that they also make excellent alarm clocks, waking whoever dares leave their door open at the crack of dawn.