Meet Chirp’s New Hires

Macie and Emilee

The past year has been a season of growth for Chirp Research, with new clients, new methodologies, and new hires. In June 2021, Chirp hired Quantitative Analyst Macie McCoy and Research Associate Emilee Barrett.  

Meet Macie McCoy
Fun fact:  Macie is a singer who once performed with an ensemble at Carnegie Hall.  

“Being able to take it beyond the numbers…creating a story from the data is my passion.”

Prior to joining Chirp, Macie earned both a BS and MS in strategic communication with an emphasis on research and strategic writing and served as a researcher and project manager for several non-profits, small businesses, and academic organizations. Her unique approach relies on extending data beyond the numbers, allowing her clients to digest and act upon the discovery of critical insights.

“My master’s thesis was focused on corporate social responsibility, which is something I enjoy integrating in my work. I like to discover what companies can do, not only to improve their insights, but to make the world a better place in small ways.”

Macie McCoy currently resides in Denver, CO, with her new puppy, Teddy.   

Meet Emilee Barrett
Fun Fact:  Emilee loves to bake and is a pie crust expert.

“I’m interested in both qualitative and quantitative research, and the interesting ways they overlap.”  

Emilee has a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a concentration in business analytics and works with Chirp’s Qualitative and Quantitative teams. Her work with the Women’s Entrepreneurship Center gave her hands-on experience in market research and small business development, which allows her to develop creative and innovative solutions for her clients. 

“Putting the principles of personal integrity and mutual service into action, putting care and empathy into everything I do, serves Chirp’s mission of seeking human truth for good.” 

Emilee Barrett lives in Scranton, PA, home of The Office.

We’re delighted to welcome Macie and Emilee to the team!