At-Home Exercise Is Here To Stay

The At-Home Exercise Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic brought much of the country to a screeching halt. With gyms and fitness studios closed, many stopped working out altogether for a time. Once they regained the daily structure and motivation to consistently work out, at-home options were still the only option for many. Although there are obvious drawbacks to at-home only exercise, this unique time also yielded a newfound appreciation for at-home workouts.

“I am dedicating the same amount of time being active, but now I’m actually saving time by not going to the gym and doing all of those things.”

Male, Texas

At-Home Workouts v. Gym Reopening

Now that they’ve settled into their “new normal,” consumers are investing in the products/services they need for their workout routines. Even though gyms are starting to slowly reopen, only a small minority intend to return to the gym immediately.  Because they have been able to successfully utilize free/less expensive online resources, they are not sure if they can justify the cost of the gym/classes that they were paying for prior to COVID-19.

“Having home workout equipment makes things more accessible. I’m curious when things open back up what I will return to.

I’m kind of thinking right now Orange Theory isn’t worth the money…If I can continue taking these classes online, since I am a ‘class person’ for the most part, I might just see how it goes for a while.”

Female, Illinois

No matter when a return to the gym is possible and comfortable, the majority of respondents plan to keep at least part of their at-home routine. Many are also are open to continuing to invest in at-home fitness equipment. 


This post is based on a primary research study conducted in Spring of 2020 by Chirp Research. In this study, Chirp conducted a national quantitative study and virtual in-depth interviews to better understand the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on fitness behaviors and purchases of fitness equipment for at-home exercise.