Insights Manager, Retail Client

This is so great, thank you so much for sending Carli! And early too! I really appreciate the clean visuals (which is challenging with quant data)!

Director, Telecommunications Client

“I love working with you all. I respect you and your team very much and none of this would be possible without you guys. Passion and care can’t be faked.”

Strategic Advisor, Airline Client

I have to tell you, your team has been awesome as I have had the opportunity to watch them in action the last few weeks.  We have had some BIG requests at the last minute and had to align many folks so appreciate the talents and time of your team.

Director, Insurance Client

Just want to let you know that the groups went really well! The recruit was excellent, and Lisa did a great job! Both myself and the internal clients are very happy.

Insights Manager, CE Client

The report we got last week and the work the team did was absolutely amazing.  I’m so happy we partnered with you.  Thanks so much for everything! 

Insights Manager, Restaurant Client

You guys should be so proud of [PRODUCT] too! Wouldn’t be where it is today without you guys. Amazing to see all the work come to life!

Director of Innovation, CE Retailer

“We felt Chirp did a great job . . . . It was the objective voice we needed to shed some light on our next moves – and I was impressed with everyone at Chirp.”

Director, IT Client

[We] are very thankful for our partnership with you and the Chirp team, as well. It has paid off these last couple years in ways that we can’t possibly enumerate, so it means at least as much to us as it does to you.

Lisa is doing another fabulous night of work. The team here has really enjoyed what they’ve heard so far. I’m really glad that I finally had this chance to work with her!

Thanks for everything, Shannon

Insights Manager, CPG Client

Just wanted to reach out and let y’all know what a fantastic job y’all did on turning this research around so quickly and efficiently. I feel great about all the learnings we got from the groups. I think we have some strong insights . . . that we would take into quant. Moreover it was such a pleasure and smooth process working with y’all.

Insights Manager, Food/Beverage Client

I cannot say this enough as to how amazing partners you all are to our business. I know I threw a lot of curve balls in this project, from last-minute changes to the guide and absolutely overpopulating the back room, but you ladies still continue to make the research process smooth and successful. And as always Lizzie, you absolutely killed the groups!!

Thank you for another successful project! It’s always such a pleasure working with you all.