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With a completely custom methodology for each business objective, the Innovation Team brings focus and energy to every work session. Chirp leverages client research, builds internal consensus, and transforms insights into action.


Ideation Sessions at Chirp are creative and custom. The fresh perspective of specially recruited and trained creative consumers bridges the gap between consumer insights and emerging capabilities and assets. Every Chirp Ideation Session is carefully designed to create unique and testable concepts.

Deep Dives

These immersive sessions create a deep and memorable understanding of target customers and can focus on segmentation, region, or target behaviors. Deep Dives include compelling, highly visual reporting and video deliverables.


When rolling out a new product line, feature or rebrand, Positioning Sessions accelerate decision-making, fire-test ideas, and help create shared vision for future strategy. Chirp Positioning Sessions yield results suitable for follow-up quantitative or qualitative testing.


Transforming research and insights into business decisions, Activation Sessions at Chirp start with concrete objectives and are grounded in previous research. Activation Sessions meet client goals such as strategic roadmapping, developing measurable standards, or preparing for iterative testing. Deliverables include concise reporting and strategic recommendations.



Our experienced moderators and recruiting network spans the globe. This access and experience allows us to field complex research projects, while still providing a seamless client experience.


Our team has extensive experience conducting a diverse set of online methodologies. Online studies allow us to capture a national representation of consumers to reflect a variety of attitudes.

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